Top 3 business success strategies that all business should grasp

In “Top 10 Strategies for Business Success”, business owners can meet the right people and finish their work. But first, you need to know what these jobs are. “In Business magazine identified the next ten action areas that are equally important to corporate success. An important ranking is not planned. Rather, they are presented in the most abundant order.

1. Revenue-generating sales

The “best” of new technologies, products and services may be the basis for starting a business, but if the market gains competitiveness or the business stabilizes, the predictability of cash flow will be unpredictable . According to Micke Toney, Sales Trainer, Sales Trainer’s founder and CEO of Conkeest Training Systems of Sales Trainer, transaction type focused solely on the sale and closing of trading, concerning customer-recognized issues A trusted advisor to cooperate with clients. It is a strategic partner that provides solutions to problems that customers do not know about.

Tony shares six important aspects of sales. These are “companies” – who is the target and who is the ideal customer? “Silo” – Identify niches that the company can manage. “Solution” – Recognize problems that the company can solve and recognize problems that other companies can not solve. “Strategy” – Plan ahead. “Structure” – field service responsibility, management, reward. “System” – Methodology used by the company.

A common problem is that according to Toney, as a transaction sales representative of a strategic role, it plays a role of wishing a wrong kind of sales representative. Mr. Toney says that most homeowners do not know how to adjust. It is important to put pressure on candidates without “interviewing softball”. They can not stay in safe mode. The owner can know the details of the seller by seeing where the seller is “cracking”.

But before that, the owner needs to be able to explain exactly why his business exists. For example, if the strategy goal is to solve the problem or to move the product.

2. Manage people, processes, benefits

According to Stephanie Waldrop, Employee Benefit International Director, “Business success depends largely on the ability to attract and maintain experts who make up the face of business.Benefit program as part of the package company’s compensation package Is a loyalty tool for employee pools. “It shows how much employers care about employers who care about find employers who care for her and her.

Recently, attention has gathered in medical care as explained in the three parts of medical finishing with this problem. Mr. Waldrop says, “Except for certain benefits,” the first thing an employee wants in a benefit program is stability. ” It is important for employers to develop strategies to create this stability and management cost to make plans for three to five years. Program status “By doing this, you can avoid instinctive measures such as sharing profits by offsetting the increase in renewal.

Employers can accomplish sensible circumstances by asking employees about the most important things to employees but they are limited to positions already identified by employers and ready for action I will.

In addition, employers have the advantage that companies can be offered for free by spontaneously becoming sponsored, by making them available for voluntary use. Waldrop says that elements such as life insurance and income protection are available only as part of the employer or abundant than those available outside the framework. “[Providers] is a workgroup and participation rate is high because it is done by payroll deduction”

Waldrop notes that other elements of corporate culture are not beneficial. This includes the training of qualified employees who are in charge of responsibility. “Employees are better trained and feel better feeling what they do when they fulfill this role”

Another benefit is that employees feel involved in the company’s success, such as profit sharing and bonuses based on earnings and holding targets. These can be configured according to the budget of the employer and can be adjusted to individual compensation level. According to Waldrop, “The motivation to find answers” yes “and” what to do “to find customer answers will make a big difference over the long term”

3. Operation and accounting

“Accounting is important when you start a business, you need to know what you are working on. The figure helps you decide if it is overwhelming if you can do it when you need help McLane, Senior Managing Director of Accounting Office CBIZ.

Zandra O’Keefe, CBIZ Executive Director, focuses on the tax face of accounting. “The financial statements show the soundness of the company, are the basis of tax planning and tax preparation, the plan includes the creation of wealth, tax payment, benefits, compliance measures.The compliance is a developing field, the internal Employees can keep compliance measures and up-to-date information up-to-date.

“Please make sure you understand the details of money and its timing.” This is very important. By creating a cash flow model, the company can better understand that moment. Because of inflow and outflow, the business owner is not allocated too quickly when money arrives, there is not enough funds, or there are fixed income, wages and consumption tax. In other words, “Revenue does not mean money,” Kief.

Treating a customer’s debt is another problem. What is the customer’s risk? Should you prepay advance payment? Mr. McLane noted that “understanding industry standards is important,” he noted that it helps executives understand the overall picture of cash demand.

There are also some hints that O’Keefe and McLane think are important. Obtain an EIN (employer identification number) instead of using the social security number for the threat of identity theft. If you hand 1099 to the supplier at the end of the year, please use EIN and your company name, “O’Keefe says.

“Please isolate your business account from your personal account.” Many SMEs start with personal credit of the owner to give a starting point, but when it is necessary to transfer personnel to the company However, in order to track the cash inflow, it is important to have discipline that separates them. ,

When deciding on a specific type of business, please consult a lawyer about the best corporate structure. For example, in partnership there are compliance issues concerning benefits and tax levels. Partners should not acquire W2 and do not participate in cafeteria plans for employees. If so, it will be taxable for all employees, “O’Keefe explains.

Mr. McLane said, “From the beginning we create good policies and procedures for financial reporting and ensure consistent policies and procedures to ensure that transactions are transferred in the same consistent way as we add employees to the organization You can continue grasping.

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