Strategies for commercial success

1. Maintain customers and maintain communication

Customer service is a decisive factor, according to Tyler Wirtjes, vice president of customer service at GoDaddy. Thirty currently being created and 30 companies can be copied after 30 days, but you can not interact with customers who set up contact with customers.

“I think I was sometimes forgotten,” adding that the initial focus should be not only to complete the transaction, but also to build a relationship. As an example, when solving a customer’s problem, the service consultant asks the customer what he wishes to achieve in the business and understands how he is doing at GoDaddy, “Please explore why they use you” He says. “Find the best way to use products and services and emotionally tie it to your business, which is important for reactive response to active contacts and complaints.

Wirtjes recognizes that technology can automate many functions. For example, a virtual wizard programmed to handle general questions. “Artificial intelligence has been going a long way in the past ten years.” However, it is a personalized experience to make companies different. For this reason, even with an actual person, if “conversation” is too strict, we can not fulfill this relationship. Mr. Wirtjes says: “I do not really want to call a human robot to talk but I think it’s a robot.

Through social media, today’s complaints and problems rapidly advance. Ignoring them may harm your company’s brand, but you can potentially encourage them by dealing with them. Wirtjes says: “From the public forum, you can attract followers to brands, services, products, by interacting with customers and solving problems.

2. Technology to count

“Technology is essential for all companies to evolve and be able to repeatedly deliver consistent results with customers,” says Clint Harder, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Technology Director I will. It also emphasizes the advantages of technology by allowing business owners and managers to trade directly with customers, partners, and suppliers. ”

Mr. Hardner says the cost is a remote operating expenses instead of a company that consumes technology with its own capital and brings it to its physical location.

Under a wide range of “technologies”, articles for specific types of companies and industries are being developed, and small companies that do not have divisions devoted to investigation or renewal may be useful. They are watching the vendor training they are collaborating with the IT department, “says Harder, a specialized service organization that manages the requirements of workers, claims, and management, which is needed for people and time inventories Mr. says that emphasis is placed on business processes such as manufacturing costs and product delivery systems and emphasizes that certain types of wells require specific software and equipment.

“Technology” also includes the services offered by OneNeck, and it helps to support all other technologies that support specific applications. The goal is to protect and monetize the data. “Everything else can be purchased on a standardized component basis as an operational service such as joint lease data and cloud computing.

Mr. Harder states as follows. “Basic information technology is abolished after 5 years, capacity will decrease in 2 to 3 years,

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