Business success strategy you can read

1. Personal decision, behavior, energy

Successful people are generally not satisfied with the current situation. You need to continue. However, Patricia Noel Drain (lecturer, author, business mentor) advises as follows. “It is not a good leader to run a business, forget about myself, or care for others, in fact she recommends the following: When you leave the comfort zone, the most important thing is Make yourself embrace the truth “. “Are you okay?” Without you, you are walking the wrong way. “To expand business, people need to be happy.

Frequently cited advice is “Do not work with your business, work with it.” By creating a system of all aspects of doing business, the owner can delegate responsibility and recognize that Drain creates value to the business by creating a system. The company. “Identify where you build your system based on your own passion, which will always be your company’s vision”

Of course, it is important to recruit, motivate and maintain good people. Drain clearly stated that “there is a system to protect your excellent employees” and emphasizes the large and trivial distinction.

Dr. Dr. says using existing systems and excellent onboard staff, “If you want to advance business to the next level, you have to stop it midway.”

2. Mentor and community participation

Visibility and connection enhance the potential for growth of the company. Community involvement allows entrepreneurs to benefit from both sides and to have a positive impact on the community where he is a member. Christy Moore says, “With the deep relationship and connection with other community leaders, they will be able to use that connection to achieve their goals.” Together they are gathered and have gathered experienced executives. “This enables mentors to leave traditional and important influences on men and mentees get the wisdom and insight of experienced practitioners.

The goal of the Valley Leadership is to educate people about local problems. This is not an official mentor group. However, mentoring and human relations are important goals and important reasons to participate. “We are collecting groups of people who do not meet or otherwise interact,” Moore says. Participants better understand the various fields of the community and business, and have different perspectives, if not the opposite. In addition, each leadership class project group will work together to achieve a sustainable community project that meets the identified needs, understand what the energy field calls the “complete brain”, understand people as social thinking It is a strength. Conceptual thinking, analytical thinking, structural thinking.

Participants can gain confidence by working on their cooperation project. “It is one of the most commonly pointed leadership qualities,” Moore says. “As you build a network, you can improve relationships, by doing this you can get more outcomes for the community and for yourself,” she says.

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